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14/02/2012 - HRI yellow- FeZn8/CCr3

PASSIVATION TYPE ‘C', Cr6 free, commercial mark HRI yellow- FeZn8/CCr3

TRANSMESA has developed a new product:  Cr6-free zinc-coated tubes with yellow passivation. We did this at the request of some traditional customers, who formally were using the yellow passivation, which now is prohibited because of its Cr6 content. Certainly this new passivation will be of interest for all those customers who prefer, because of aesthetic criteria, a yellow coloured passivation of the tubes.

According to UNE-EN ISO 2081 it is a passivation of type "C". Requested resistance against white corrosion in salt spray test: 96 hours (acc. ISO 9227/ ASTM B-117) and against red corrosion:120 hours. Samples made in TRANSMESA and tested in independent laboratories show the following results:

White rust :            192 hours

Red rust:            312 hours

HRI yellow- FeZn8/CCr3

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